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Impressions of Cyprus by Gilbert Wiper

Gilbert Wiper depicts his love for Cyprus in an almost tangible way. The rich use of colourful oil paint interlaced with striking light effects gives his work the quality and appeal of the great Impressionist masters of the past.

Born in 1936, Gilbert Wiper worked as a Civil Engineer until becoming a full-time painter. After training with Kenneth Webb, he was elected to the Irish School of Landscape Artists and more recently to the United Society of Artists.
Gilbert began exhibiting in major London exhibitions in 1969. By now his work can be found in the collection of a European Commissioner, local authorities, brewers and in many private collections in Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Argentina and Cyprus. His paintings have steadily increased in value.
Gilbert Wiper ran a highly successful school for adult painters. However, the weather did not suit his style of painting, so he moved to the sunshine of Cyprus.
Gilbert Wiper now lives in Polemi. He works mainly in oil. His Impressionist style reflects his love of colour and texture, and is influenced by the work of Maurice de Vlaminck and Vincent van Gogh.

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DATE: 05 Sep 2009 until 05 Oct 2009
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