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Dawn Phillips Exhibition Magical Moments


Renowned artist with work in many collections around the world. The focus of my painting and drawing comes solely from the energy and inspiration I get from my surroundings. I often use photography to capture fleeting moments in time, to record both nature and landscapes, but also interesting architecture and everyday happenings that interest me. I use the information from my photography to develop ideas and explore light and colour, producing paintings which are representational but not photographic.

Shapes, patterns and sometimes even just tiny details in the landscape, attract me and give me ideas to explore in paintings. I see intense beautiful colours everywhere and their juxtapositions often become a powerful drive for me to make pictures, to try and capture those elusive qualities of feelings and atmosphere.

Sometimes I see the completed image in my minds eye straight away and then it is a battle to achieve the desired effect on paper, often resulting in frustration when the two don't match! Other times the picture emerges from explorations on the paper, appearing as if my magic, and then I am left wondering - “how did that happen!” But then that is what makes art exciting and interesting and different and all engulfing – you never know what magic is going to happen and so the quest for that illuminating moment never ends. I have been searching for it my whole life and the results are there for you to see, I hope you enjoy them and a little bit of magic rubs off on you too.

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DATE: 09 Aug 2008 until 26 Aug 2008
LOCATION: Art Cafe Kivotos 3000, Polis Chrysochous
CONTACT: Tina tel: 99555193 email: